DRIED MORELS (Morchella Esculenta)

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The fruit bodies of Morchella Esculenta species are highly polymorphic, varying in shape, color and size, while in many cases they do not exhibit clear-cut distinguishing features microscopically; this has historically contributed to uncertainties in taxonomy.

Morels are a feature of many cuisines, including Provencal. Their unique flavor is prized by chefs worldwide, with recipes and preparation methods designed to highlight and preserve it. As with most edible fung, they are best when collected or bought dried. One of the best and simplest ways to enjoy morels is by gently sauteeing them in butter, cracking pepper on top and sprinkling with salt. They make great additions to meat and poultry dishes, soups, or can be used as pasta fillings. However, as morels are known to contain thermolabile toxins, they must always be cooked before eating.